Available services and activities

General contracting


Based on the decade-long experience of the staff in the fields of petrochemical industry, chemistry, construction, investment and maintenance and the performed own works, PCI undertakes project management services in the own general contracting turnkey projects as well as in the projects of other developers and operators.


The consciously developed project management system guarantees the delivery of most suitable solutions on a long-term basis to the partners. We deliver turnkey solutions which means the result of a reconciliation process including authority approval, planning, manufacturing, implementation, commissioning and scheduled maintenance and system operation services rather than automatic implementation of the detail plans.

Implementation of turnkey industrial objects on EPC basis including hydrocarbon industry storage facilities, loading and unloading stations, transport pipelines, plant, technology and auxiliary systems, greenfield plants, automation, power supply and other objects from planning through authority engineering to test run.

Within this scope, object implementation, complex reconstruction, equipment renovation management, guidance, organization are performed as follows:




Equipment engineering: process planning, plant engineering, pipeline transportation, environmental protection, safety engineering

Object engineering: appliances, mechanical systems, process control, high voltage and computer process control systems and equipment, civil engineering, line objects

building construction and steel works, HVAC and telecommunication


Manufacturing, implementation, erection


The implementation division employs currently nearly 100 workers performing outstanding and reliable work on the MOL Plc. premises for several decades, disposing of long-term petrol chemistry assembly and maintenance experience, proper knowledge of the area and the special compulsory instructions as in force at the MOL Group.


The company has an own mechanical, process control and electric implementation division supported by the project preparation, technical manager, technical inspector, assembly supervisor and quality assurance team.


As from 2009, a new mechanical plant assembly division consisting of a welding, pipe installation and fitting team as well as a well-equipped shop including all required machinery and equipment and superior infrastructure have been added to the company.


Thanks to the expansion, manifold tasks can be performed with improved efficiency, within shorter time and a limited range of responsibility therefore facilitating verification of performance to customers and communication with the implementation company.


As welding is an assembly process with a crucial impact to product quality and in order to meet special requirements (PED, tanks etc.) this work process is considered as a key element. We are aware that we must pay special attention to quality assurance, development and continuous training and education of qualified welders. PCI fulfills all these requirements as the company has a qualified welding shop which is able to perform special welding procedures, possesses hundreds of approved processes, regularly uses special materials and alloys, has experience with heat treatment procedures and non-destructive material testing.


Maintenance and repair works, review, inspection